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Picture of people building a house to represent building a workplace culture

Psychological Safety:

The key to Cultivating a Flourishing Workplace Culture

We all play a role in constructing our workplace culture.

"Building upon our DEI work, we need to ensure our team environments are condusive to belonging, development, contribution and innovation to ensure all employees can be fully engaged and thrive. ..." 

Why Psychological Safety?

Improves Employee Engagement

Maintaining a Culture of Psychological Safety enables full involvement in daily workplace activities: From meetings and collaborations to customer interactions and problem-solving, all employees feel empowered to contribute.

3 male employees sitting and working together. One employee is sitting in his wheelchair with his prostetic legs and left arm
Multi-racial group of employees working together

Reduces Employee Turnover

Employees who feel a sense of psychological safety are inclined to stay with a company. Why leave a workplace that respects, values, and fosters a safe environment? The significant costs tied to recruiting, hiring, and training new team members, among other expenses, make high employee turnover an unsustainable path for any successful business.

Improves Mental Health

When environments lack psychological safety, employees often engage in 'code-switching' or 'masking' behaviors, where they feel compelled to alter their natural selves to conform or shield their true identities. Establishing psychological safety enables employees to authentically express themselves without the need for pretense or fear of retribution,  and therefore eliminating the stress of conforming.

3 employees sitting at table laughing while working together

The culture within a team mirrors the behavior of their leaders. When leaders neglect to create and uphold psychologically safe environments, it can lead to severe and lasting repercussions, causing harm to both the team,  the organization and their customers.

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Additional Benefits Of Psychological Safety

  • Improves Team Collaboration, Innovation and Creativity

  • Faster Problem Solving

  • Creates Brand Ambassadors (Attracting talent)

  • Improves Team Cohesion

  • Improves Customer Service

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