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Diversity without inclusion is a rotating door of your talent

Single hands piled on top of eachother while standing in a circle to show different skin colours

When employees feel accepted, able to openly share their ideas and express themselves, that means there is Psychological Safety. It means that regardless of someone's diverse characteristics such as race, religion, gender, ability or sexual orientation, an organization is able to make their employees feel that they are of value and can fully contribute rather than hide parts of who they are. This sense of belonging is what leaves employees fully engaged in your organization and when this happens, everyone succeeds.

Fully engaged employees are highly productive, proactive, innovative, have less errors and omissions in their work, high morale and take care of your customers.  Leaders are responsible for creating an environment where employees can feel included. It's through a leader's behaviours, actions & inactions, and language that employees learn how whether or not they are included in their working culture. This is why D&I training and workshops such as Unconscious Bias, Emotional Intelligence and leadership skills such as delivering and receiving feedback, are critical elements to Inclusive Leadership. 

Inclusion relies on the effectiveness of every leader your organization.  The focus of Diversity & Inclusion work is always on Inclusion because when you focus on ensuring everyone is included, diversity will follow. Inclusion needs to be your organization's strategy because it supports everything you do; especially during crisis.

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Services & Support:


Let us assess how to support your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey and Psychological Safety. Using a survey, listen to your employee's and customer's voice, and research, we will identify the gaps and help you prioritize and set-goals

Strategy & Roadmap

We will create a DEI strategy that supports your goals, organizational strategies, current state, resources and company values.

Workshop, Training & Facilitations

We will create and deliver custom workshops and training to support and address your priorities, goals and gaps (see our list below). We also provide facilitation for listening groups, conflict resolution, strategy sessions and more


We support communication, develop and update processes and procedures, provide leadership advice and council, equitable practices and other ways to support your DEI journey.

Maintenance/Policy Audits

To maintain your successes and adapt to changing environments, we will support by auditing employee policies, processes and documentation,  engagement survey design, annual training, facilitated feedback sessions, reporting, and create other accountability methods.


Provide coaching and advisement to individuals and teams to support accountability, navigate change, facilitiate conversations, and brainstorm solutions to support your goals and daily interactions.

And more!

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Frequently requested training:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion     

Unconscious Bias

Microaggressions & Intersectionality

Psychological Safety    

Applying Equity 

Providing & Giving Feedback              

Inclusive Hiring, Evaluations & Promotions

Thank you Zoe for the fabulous training. Having the words to explain why the words need to change has been empowering - Brooke G. (BDC)

Thank you for such an engaging and enlightening session. There were many take-aways to implement in our daily lives - Andrea

 I loved the sessions as I felt free to share and not be judged. She captured my attention with the amazing introduction (exercise) and smooth segway into the topics. Excellent facilitator who delivered and respected our time. I will certainly attend the next session - Jen

Thanks again for today, I think it was really helpful to guide some of our other conversations and get everyone aligned. It’s always great to have your input and perspective shared- Kristy

The support and leadership she brought was contagious...