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To create working environments around the world where every employee can contribute and perform at their highest potential

A message from our founder, Zoe Mitchell

Employee Engagement is crucial to the success of your company but many struggle to understand and improve their working culture. When employees are disengaged, it costs companies both revenue and profits, increased costs, difficulty attracting and retaining employees, decreased work quality, customer complaints, negative branding and much more. With employees being the biggest cost to your company, it makes sense to invest in ensuring you can create a working culture where every employee can perform at their highest potential; isn’t that why you hired them! To do so, employee engagement requires both inclusion/belonging and efficiency. Even if your company makes your employee feel like they can contribute fully, if you have poor processes that result in difficult execution, your employees will quickly become disengaged. So with the goal of having a high performing employee population, Sharp Processes uses both practices to improve your employee engagement:  

DEIB + Organizational Efficiency = Employee Engagement

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About Zoe:

After 20 years in a successful corporate finance career, I resigned from my senior leadership role to launch Sharp Processes. Throughout my career in finance, I was able to see the positive and negative impacts that processes and inclusive work cultures had on employee engagement and the organization's results. For example, as workplace inclusion increased, so did engagement, profits and innovation as OpEx decreased. As work processes improved, engagement and profits increased and errors and omissions decreased, and so on. 

Throughout my career, I have both witnessed and experienced the painful effects of non-inclusive work cultures and their apathetic leaders. I have also experienced struggles, through poor and dysfunctional processes. So when I became a leader, I ensured through inclusive practices, that no one on my teams would experience what I had. 

My successful inclusive leadership approach and constant work on improving cross-functional work processes resulted in:

+Highest engagement scores 

+No employee turnover 

+Consecutive years of profitable growth

+Increased market-share 

+Reduced errors and omission

+Awards and recognition .....

and more

Author & Speaker

Zoe is also the author of the book Inclusive Leadership Now. She shares insights, required skills and best practices for building and maintaining an Inclusive work culture for your team and improving your leadership brand.

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