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How your employees have to work impacts their engagement and performance, and your bottom line

Case Study:

PROBLEM: A big brand has a significant shortfall of retail sales targets (off by 80%) for major product promotions, plus consistent stock shortages leading to customer complaints.

THE SCOPE: Hundreds of stores, hundreds of staff, thousands of customers, 7 key teams.

THE ISSUES ASSESSED: Interviewed key stakeholders and business leads to define the scope of the problem. Validated the sales forecasts. Met with the various teams and vendors to determine expectations vs. outcomes. Reviewed existing processes, by the team.

THE TEAMS INVOLVED: Buying; Replenishment; Forecasting; Business intelligence; Store Operations; Marketing and Promotions; Supply Chain; and The Senior Executives.

THE OUTCOMES: Implemented team meetings, and new processes for the planning and reporting of product promotions. Conducted re-training for Replenishment and Buying teams. Created a final “fail-safe” check prior to launching new promotions. Instituted multiple new processes. Presented all outcomes and results to key stakeholders.

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Services & Support:

Hiring & Promotion Process:

Work with team leads to assess job needs, review question/interview process, inclusive job description and language, committee, follow ups, timely market salary research, sign offs.

Process Training

Conducted training for 1000+ employees and managers, to date. The ENTIRE company in one case.

Communications Process:

Internal and external verbal and written communications, term and acronym definitions, timing, clear & concise language, and etiquette.

Promotional & Marketing Process

Goal definition with key stakeholders, identifying involved teams & start times, cross-communication between teams, milestone & deadline setting/sign off.

Team Integration

Improve or overhaul dysfunctional teams. Integrating teams with no previous interaction.

Business Monitoring & Reporting Process

Remove gaps in information and quickly identify opportunities, minimize repetitive and redundant work, minimize errors and omissions and identify responsibilities and accountability. What & how to monitor & report.

And more!

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